Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)

Overview of the ATSB

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is an independent Commonwealth Government statutory Agency.  The ATSB is governed by a Commission and is entirely separate from transport regulators, policy makers and service providers.  The ATSB's function is to improve safety and public confidence in the aviation, marine and rail modes of transport through excellence in:

  • independent investigation of transport accidents and other safety occurrences;
  • safety data recording, analysis and research; and
  • fostering safety awareness, knowledge and action

Safety investigations & reports
The ATSB’s investigations seek to identify safety issues and encourage safety action to reduce the risk of future accidents and incidents.

Aviation short investigation bulletins
These summary reports were compiled from information provided to the ATSB by individuals or organisations involved in an accident or serious incident.

Safety issues and actions
The ATSB issues recommendations to regulatory authorities, operators, manufacturers or other agencies in order to address safety deficiencies. Click here to view interim recommendations, recommendations and safety advisory notices made by the ATSB.

The ATSB also publishes a wide range of material relating to transport safety. Follow this link for all non-investigation report publications.