The GSIP Toolkits are currently under development and are not final.

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GSIP is the Global Safety Information Project. Everyone is collecting and analyzing data to improve operations, efficiencies and safety. The aviation industry is no exception. Big data is here and GSIP is designed to help the aviation industry around the world harness this information and make the safest mode of transportation even safer.


A series of toolkits have been developed to help the global aviation community understand how to collect, analyze, and protect aviation safety data.

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Data Collection

The process and methods for documenting, gathering, and compiling operational and safety data from internal and external sources.

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Analysis & Processing

The process and methods for evaluating and interpreting the data collected to identify operational and safety needs and to inform an organization/domain’s response.
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Information Protection

Any safeguard for data, information, and related sources that ensures the continuous availability of safety data and information for maintaining or improving aviation safety and restricts their use for other purposes.

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Sharing & Collaboration

The internal and cross-organizational harmonization and exchange of operational and safety information.

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